Wednesday, March 8, 2017

International Women's Day

Ironically, most of the cis women I know can't afford to take the day off, for whatever reason. Many of course simply can't afford it.

Certainly we all know women who have done super human jobs raising families as single Moms. Plus most have had to put up with several men in their lives who are certain to complicate matters.

My complete respect goes out to all cis women everywhere and transgender women too.

Although many would try to exclude us from the socializing process which makes a female a woman, of course I don't.

Why? Because our femininity ascent was certainly not a walk in the park and often just the opposite. When cis-women were raising families, many of us were excluded from ours through no fault of our own.

So, all you transgender women, enjoy your day too-if you can!

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