Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Girl Glasses II

It doesn't seem possible but I just reached my two year point on my glasses and it was time yesterday to pick out another pair.

I receive vision care through the Veterans Administration since I am an Vietnam era transgender veteran. What that means is, I don't literally have walls of frames to chose from, but you can't beat the price.

As it turned out yesterday, the office was nearly empty and there was no pressure to hurry up and pick a new pair of frames. Plus, the optical person was cordial and non rushed too.

I positively loved my choice of essentially a new wire rimmed design in a neutral color the optician said matched my hair color. So I guess I will have to follow through with keeping my hair color close to or the same.

I also feel "girl glasses" along with wearing my own hair have had such a powerful effect on being able to present as well as I do. I am not saying I do it extremely well, I am saying I need every trick in the book to help where ever I can!

For all of you clamoring for a picture, I will not actually get the glasses for up to three to five weeks.

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