Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Bitch

I have been telling you all about my mini visit to the Dayton VA today for the Patriot Days picnic.

I "butched" it up today, pulled back my hair into a pony tail and ran it through the back of a hat I had never worn before...the unit hat signifying where and how I served in Thailand during the first part of my three years in the Army.

When I got there I checked out all the food booths before deciding on a pulled pork sand-which. As far as I could see though, there were no prices so naturally I asked which gave the woman the chance to glare at me and say six dollars SIR! 

I did good. I simply glared back at her and bought a sandwich from the food stand next to her who was real nice to me. (and making sure she saw it.)

Who knows, maybe she is from North Carolina?

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