Saturday, May 28, 2016


Recently I have wrote a couple "whiney" posts about the number of hits to JJ's and the resultant lack of "shekels" I make.

As a result I have went back in the archives and primarily found posts from 2013 which contained what I considered more "exciting" content.

I was starting HRT etc.  and going 24/7 was still a little edgy. Now (if this makes any sense) the world went stealth before I did. The same guy I see once a month with the booming voice always manages to call me "sir"but a real close friend just invited me to an "girl's only" cookout.

Plus, I do think the world is a kinder,gentler world for us in some places as the younger generation could care less. Which brings us to Connie's comment: If you'e getting fewer hits, maybe it's because there are fewer "Misses" (or Mrs.) who are interested in reading what we "Transaurus Rexes" have to say anymore. As I said earlier, we may be but "fossil fools" to the younger generation. There's still some need for it all, though, so keep up the good work!

Thanks!!! Right you are.

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