Saturday, May 28, 2016

Memorial Day Invite

If your memory is better than mine, perhaps you will remember the post I wrote about a woman coming up to me in the Hall at the VA and alerting/inviting me to a Memorial Day event, they call "Patriot Days." She also gave me her phone number to call for questions. (The Dayton, Ohio VA.)

About a week or so again, I called the number and got an answering machine. I left all my pertinent info and didn't expect much else.

Then, all of the sudden, yesterday she called me back and asked if I was coming. I thought sure, how could I back out now?

My only real problems are I can't find anyone to go with me since Liz has to work, because I need to be there. Even for the ones who have called me a "fu-king queer- in fact especially for them. 

Check out these numbers:

Transgender individuals who are currently on active duty or in the Guard or Reserve forces
Transgender individuals who have served, or currently serve, in the U.S. armed forces
Times more likely that transgender women will serve than all adult men
Times more likely that transgender men will serve than all adult women
*Figures per a 2014 Williams Institute report on transgender military service in the U.S.
So Sunday it will be!!!

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