Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Tripping the Light Fantastic

Spring has sprung around here and with it the memories of wishing I could wear heels the way I thought  I could or the way the younger cis girls seem to float by in theirs.

Of course, heels represent power in a woman and you can watch men respond just to the "click" of a woman walking by. In the meantime, my reason for ruling out much of any heeled footwear is my height,staying under the 6' mark, bouts with mild vertigo and at any given time a bad under carriage (knees,ankles,hips) from 30 plus years walking the concrete floors of any number of different restaurants I worked in.

So, I have never given in to any such idea that I can't do something but a nice pair of flat sandals and a pedi is going have to do for this summer.


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