Saturday, February 27, 2016

Playing Chicken?

Neil deGrasse Tyson
Where is Neil deGrasse Tyson when I need him? Or maybe the other chicken guy, Colonel Sanders?

Seriously, Tyson is the ultra cool/chic astrophysicist not entirely sure what that is :) but you can figure it out by following the link. (Not Tyson chicken!)

Yesterday, through my usual fog, I happened notice after a close shave and a generous application of an Oil of Olay moisturizer, my face looked smooth and pretty good overall. So, I got brave and decided to just apply some contouring blush, light eye make up and lipstick  and see what the world thought of the new? improved ?? me!

As it turned out, I didn't take long to find out. Liz and I went to exchange Jr's (her son's) phones at the slightly redneck mall I write about. Amazingly to me , I received none of the side looks I normally get.

Maybe playing a little chicken and going more natural was good for me as a start to my spring/summer style. At the least I began to go through my closet today to evaluate the clothes I have to begin the season and build from there.

On the way home, we didn't even stop for a bucket of chicken because it's diet-diet-diet now for a month or two!

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