Monday, November 2, 2015

The Day the Earth Chilled in Cincinnati

Yesterday the Bengals became the 7-0 Bengals on the season by beating the Squeelers in Pittsburgh. Those of us who are old enough and "in the know"-remembered the Bengals have never done this before. When I went out yesterday, I happened to feel a distinct chill under my feet and thought "The Bengals are 7-0 and hell might be beginning to freeze over."  Plus, you can't go far now in Cincinnati without having to stop for an overloaded Bengals Bandwagon.(Hint-take the points this Thursday against the Cleveland Browns!)

On the medical front, all is quiet this week in wait of the next round of being prodded next week. Monday is my Gastrointestinal visit, plus coffee with my brother (which we will discuss later.) Either Tuesday or Wednesday (yet to be decided), is my second mammogram; and Thursday is a fun filled day with the vampire crowd - including my hematologist. To put it into perspective, I go give blood for my lab work, wait a half hour for it to be checked and then give a pint for the cause (mine). Finally, after that, I get to see the Doc.

Seriously, I am not complaining. Even though my hands are not healing as fast as I would like, my over all levels of iron have decreased dramatically.

Hopefully dramatically enough that I can beg my way back on my HRT estrogen in December. My appointment with my endocrinologist is December eighth. No matter what anyone says about the "mystical" effects of estrogen, I am very definitely a different person off it. And, not in a good way. I never wanted to go back to seeing and feeling the world more as a guy-but I do.

But we will see! First I have to live through all the medical appointments! 

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