Is the World Really Flat?

A man urges people to vote against the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance outside an early voting center in Houston on Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2015. The contested ordinance is a broad measure that would consolidate existing bans on discrimination tied to race, sex, religion and other categories in employment, housing and public accommodations, and extend such protections to LGBT people.One of the suppositions in the "What the Bleep" Quantum Physics group I'm in is when Columbus's first ships arrived on the Caribbean horizons, the "average" man or woman on the beach couldn't see them. Because they had never been there before. It took one of the native "Shaman's" to notice something/somehow was different.

I was fascinated by the idea but still didn't attach much more importance to it-in my noggin. Until after I read these stats: (Please note I am paraphrasing much of this.) Only 24% of the population is believed to be what are called "cultural creatives" - or for ecological sustainability and advocates for change.  Another 47% are called Modernists who aren't paranoid of a reshaping globe. (You can buy the movie on Amazon.)

That leaves us with the guy above- a traditionalist. Or in this case "good old American ways."

If you break it down that way, the guy above would have never noticed Columbus on the horizon.

The moral to the story is good old "Tricky Dick Nixon" is looking around the corner at us smirking. He worked his so called "Silent Majority" for years.

Dick (and a lot of religions have proved over the years) misinformed ignorance can win handsomely with a traditionalist and hidden agenda - especially one which starts on the altar.

If you watched the numbers here though, the Modernist percentage is the most positive. 

Now, I know it has to  be scary for a lot of traditionalists when they are seeing an increasing percentage of ethnics in every sector of our society. Especially when you can't afford to live in a fancy white suburb, with social media and/or their new Black or Hispanic neighbors down the street. They just can't move away from them like my parents did- Or when your Sunday fanatic is babbling endlessly about transgender sexual predators-when many more quite likely came from the Catholic Church.

But----We transgender women just could be their last frontier before admitting they do see the ships on the horizon.