Cyrsti's Condo "Sunday Edition"

Ker Plunk! Listen closely and you will hear another Sunday Edition has hit your virtual front porch! Another chilly fall day here in Southwestern Ohio as we shed the remnants of hurricane rain. Let's go fetch a hot "Cup o Joe" and get started.

Page One-The Week that Was or Wasn't: Again last week, there was nothing which "lit me up" on the transgender media stage. Most of my concerns still revolve around my evolving medical "condition" which is improving. It's definitely true, you have nothing without your health. Plus there were other massive situations going on like the "Pope's" visit and yet another shameful tragic mass shooting-which as a nation we seem to be powerless to do anything about. in.
Page Two-Opinion: In a sense, it was "girl's night out" last night. Liz and I were invited to a "Jamberry Nail Wrap Party" If you don't know, which I didn't, "nail wraps" provide yet another way for women to have in certain occasions - spectacular nails. But, they do take a certain amount of expertise and care of course. You can follow the link above for a look, but in the meantime for me there was the concept of the "party" itself.

Page Three-Party Time! Of course I always knew if you were invited to a party the hosts kind of wanted to see you but really liked you if you spent money. As luck would have it, the "Hostess" of the party is the one a couple months ago called me "Chris". I went on the site and explained in no uncertain terms I was not-nor had ever been a Chris and I consider it a real insult when someone calls me Chris. As it turns out she did it to me last night twice-before I confronted her. She was trying to get my attention on some sort of a prize I won and she said "Chris" and I didn't even look at her. She then came over to me and said something to the effect of you won this "Chris." I just said it's Cyrsti and no, I have NEVER been Chris. (My boy name wasn't even Chris) It must of worked because, she correctly called me Cyrsti the rest of the night.
Page Four-The Back Page: Well kids, it's time to go enjoy the day. I was wrong about my Cincinnati Bengal kitties rolling over in Baltimore last week and somehow my The Ohio State Buckeyes keep on stumbling to stay undefeated. You all have a wonderful week! Stay positive and I luv ya!!! (Just don't call me Chris.)