You Have Great Legs-for a Boy

This morning I saw for the first time the early press releases of "The Danish Girl" starring Eddie Redmayne. 

Like most everyone else on the show, I was wowed by Redmayne's depiction of the husband who posed as a female model for his wife and essentially never went back to the "dark side" as a man. He does present so well as a woman.

Then of course, there are those in the transgender community who are dead set against a non trans person playing the role at all. So what? Get over it, I don't think we can present the right person for the job. The movie producers need a before and after actor so the news anchors can chat away about how "good" he looks as a woman.

Immediately I thought of how I felt during the very early days of when I began presenting as a woman. Like so many of us, I was told "Wow! you have great legs!" which I believe "comes with the territory" for many cross dressers or transgender women - we all should be justifiably proud. But then I began to hear the "for a guy" added in.

Look, if your were the producers and you had a guy like Redmayne as a possible star and he had that bone structure and one academy award already? What would you do?

As you can imagine, we all will have a chance to form our views in the near future the first trailer is here. The trailer caught my attention in that it is a beautiful period movie which captured many of my initial feelings during  transition. Check it out!