What's in a Age?

Perhaps you Cyrsti's Condo regulars have noticed I have been thinking a bit too much about age recently. Some of it has to do with my first real serious illness of my life, turning 66 and my speaking engagement Friday night.

knowing for sure (I'm sure the organizers don't either)-I'm guessing the group will be a relatively youthful LGBTQ blend. With a liberal mix of "allies."

Fortunately for them, they have not allotted any of us much time to be "talking heads" and bore everyone to sleep. On the other hand, my challenge is to make my time more clear and impactful.

My game plan is pretty clear. If nothing else, I am a gender survivor. The younger members of the group will most certainly be able to see that. So, a quick mention should do and lets keep moving. I identify "she and her" as a MtF transgender woman who happens to be a trans vet.

My next priority will be to keep them engaged past the first few minutes - when many speakers dissolve into "white noise". In other words, how much of what I am saying means anything to them.  That's tough because I think the allies and parents in the group may be more apt to listen-longer.

Finally, the organization hosting the evening : Love Must Win pretty much sums up my part of the evening with it's name. For no particular divine reason I have been "allowed" to hang around in this world to see too many amazing changes to even count-including those attached to human gender. 

The toughest thing to tell anyone (for me) is to be patient. A HUGE cop out. On the other hand, the only constant is change. Plus, the platforms for positive LGBTQ change continue to progress. (Ask Kim Davis.)

We all need to embrace our trans youth with love. I just hope I can help a bit Friday!!!!