Here we go, another round of medical fun and games the next couple days, intermingled with spiritual get togethers.

Tomorrow is my endocrinologist visit which ties in closely with my next "blood letting" on Thursday. If you recall, the Doc (I have four now) took me off my estrogen about a week or so ago. Plus, if you are that interested, I have PCT, which is hereditary (among other things.) You can Google it. If you do, the cure is/are Phlebotomies (which you can Google too.)

At any rate, by Thursday afternoon, after all the regular blood labs which will be taken, I will feel like a pin cushion again. The good news? I can flat out give blood-fast and this week will be the mid way point of my treatment.

Plus, when my treatment does work, I will have the chance to restart my HRT.

Also on the bright side is Liz and I heard of another highly spiritual Native American story telling event tonight we can attend. The speaker is from the Shawnee tribe. You may ask why since I am not Native American to my knowledge, so here you go:

You regulars here in Cyrsti's Condo know I have a strong belief in the "Twin or Duel" gender spirit beliefs of many of the ancient peoples believed in. In fact I am taking my research on the subject a step further back. To when the ancient "matriarchal" beliefs were replaced (often by the hard way) by "patriarchal" beliefs. The worst of which of course came from the Catholics.

I am currently reading a book called Awakening Your Goddess.  I am just getting into the book and already I'm finding how difficult it is for genetic women to do this too. And, how it all relates to transgender women.

I will have posts coming!