Wednesday, July 1, 2015

"Sinister in Law?"

I'm sorry. Recently I have been mentioning my former Sister in Law more and more here in Cyrsti's Condo and not giving you all more info. The reason? At the present time she is passing back through my life again-like it or not. Why? She is the younger sister of my deceased wife and has absolutely no blood relation left. She is also single and I am it as a support person-it.

In a way, I feel life has come full circle again. She was always the more attractive sister (between my wife and her). With a good body, blond hair and blue eyes-many times she didn't have to go far to get her way. So Mom and my wife, who were very down to earth women didn't respect her lifestyle on occasion. Many occasions as sister in law was also a big time party person-until it all started to break her down. She is now 56.

My living arrangements are complex. I still have a fairly major property to get rid of here before I can move in with Liz full time down in Cincinnati. To save money and stay warmer, I shut down a bunch of things in my old house and moved in with "sis." 

To make this all so much more complicated, she had no idea I was transgender until I came out to her after Mother in Law passed nearly a year ago. And, to make it worse "Sis" recently lost her drivers license for a yet to be determined amount of time. No, she does not have the money for Uber, has a degenerative knee disease and lives a block away from the nearest bus stop. Thus, my Taxi service for her monthly Doctor's visits and food stops. 

I look at it all this way. I don't have a choice and just can't walk away-but-in the meantime, I have been known to extract a "pound of flesh" in the meantime. (Bitch!!!) Along with wife and Mom, (maybe more so) I resented her looks and the flaunting of them. So, here I am, when they are nearly all gone. I hate to say it, but there is more than a little poetic justice. (Bitch!!)

In all fairness to Sis, she does try to give me input on my girl self (blah!!!) but she does give me a wide range of purse and jewelry options. 

Perhaps the scariest part of this all is- I can't see the end of the road for any of this. I just know I am on it.

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