Wednesday, July 8, 2015

"Paranoia and the Duck"

I have written extensively here in Cyrsti's Condo of my complete and total paranoia about spending my last days in this life tossed back in the closet of a bleak nursing home.  OK, I could be too much of a drama queen I know but then again it's my paranoia which lives in it's special little closet in my noggin.

Now, enter the Aflac Insurance Duck character. Wasn't it the Duck who said "without your health-you have nothing?" Well probably not, but-

My point is, I wrote a post about a scheduled "cat-scan" I had last Thursday at my Veterans Administration Hospital. Having no idea of what to expect physically, I did the best I could to shave my legs,pits etc. Of course after I did all of that my "Rolls" car broke down on the way and the only person who could conceivably appreciate all my "grooming" would be the tow truck driver on the way home. (I was wearing a long skirt anyhow.)

Tomorrow morning, I an rescheduled to do it all again.

Again, call me a "drama queen" but I do see all of this as the first stages of my future health care. I really do have a healthy "fear" of being the androgynous "senior critter" who has shown up for tests. Plus, I have led a remarkably healthy life, so I have no experience to fall back on. As we all know, the fear of the unknown is the worst fear of all.

Being a transgender woman though ( I feel ) has made me uniquely qualified to "face down" the unknown.

Tomorrow, I just want to make it to the appointment and let the "Duck" take care of the rest. 

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