Friday, June 26, 2015

Plan Part Two

Picking up where we left off here in Cyrsti's Condo, let's chat for a second time of the struggle to present admirably as a woman in public. As with anything else in life some of us begin with more to work with than others- but I am more than a little humored when some think they can ignore the basics when they cross dress.  My examples have always been skin care and weight control. (Ever wonder why generics obsess about these?) 

In our last post I mentioned the incredible difficulties I had when I was cross dressing a couple days a week. Rarely did I put the "whole package" together. Of course now, HRT and simple experiences in the public eye have made this "presentation" thing easier-sort of.

Aflac TV Spot, 'Duck Salon' - Screenshot 7For me, the effects of HRT had the most affect on my skin and hair.  Skin because of it's size and hair because of society. 

Hair I discuss quite a bit here in the Condo-lately it has cycled through to a combination of needing a color update to resembling an out take from the Aflac Duck Hair Salon commercial.

While I make fun of all of this "process", the fact remains if we as transgender women or cross dressers expect to be accepted by society-it takes effort. 

Example? Because of the first diet I have ever undertaken (not undertaker) I have taken off 35 pounds and all of the sudden can wear some of my clothes which were too small. Mainly, a couple long skirts and a denim skirt which comes a couple inches above my knees. I decided l would get brave and wear the denim skirt with a pair of flip flops and simple white top earlier this week when I went to the VA, my kid's house and out with my friend. 

The problem was getting my legs and feet up to "code" for public presentation. Remember I, like most of the other women around here do not wear panty hose in the summer. First of all I had to get rid of the "stubble" on my legs, then put another "coat" of "natural color in a tube" on my legs. (I have to be real careful of not screwing that up!!!) Then I moved on down to my feet and made sure all the old skin was off my heels and my self applied toe color was again presentable. On the plus side, HRT has given me the extra layer of fat women have under their skin to look smoother, so my legs are more presentable and I don't have any vein problems generics my age have.

Bottom line (for this post) was not how I thought the outfit came together and worked the way it did. It was how long it took me to get here. All day, through all sorts of situations, I was comfortable, natural and presentable. 

I had no idea I was this patient!!!

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