Friday, May 1, 2015

"Cyrsti's Condo" Cleaning

Today, I have many comments to get to! 
The first couple come from the "Installing Windows in your Closet" post.
"In my experience many of the "out and proud" trans people about the place are actually a whole lot more closeted than they let on. They socialize exclusively within the trans support group community and online, and have few or no friends in the actual world."
Right on Natasha! Actually coming to the realization you are a transgender woman or trans man is one thing-coming out another and carving out a life in the "actual" world-another.
Then, there was my co-blogger Connie! 
"I'd like to know if you can even install Windows in that old computer of yours.:-)  (Ha Ha! My Windows 1949 still works!)" Seriously, here are a couple excerpts or (extracts) from her comment: 

"Windows can be seen through from both sides, but they still don't necessarily make things clear. I know a person (a fellow musician) who is our age, and has been a cross dresser since childhood. She (because that is how I know her) has told me stories of how she would, as a child, get all dressed up and stand at the picture window of her home, waiting for someone to notice her. She actually continues to do it today. Now, this is someone who has been on HRT for at least 10 years, but still considers herself a cross dresser because of fear to let go of her male (privileged?) life completely."

"She does venture outside the window often, but I don't believe she does so with a different mindset than if she were exhibiting herself from the inside. She has complained to me so often about being alone, lonely, and lonesome that I finally stopped seeing her altogether. I mean, what am I, chopped liver? With some people it is just an exercise in futility to try to understand, let alone help."
More to come in our next post!

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