Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spring Cleaning in the Closet?

Perhaps Connie's comment said it best when she wrote about my *** acquaintance causing all the ruckus around here, "Maybe there is a spring loose on the closet door!" There is. The latest message from him said he would have a "rebuttal" for my comments about him later. I told him wasn't interested-just go on with his life.

Ironically as I said, years and years ago I was the recipient of one of his major purges-make up, breast forms and all. From that point on he simply went from purging externally to purging on line.

The last thing I ever wanted to do here in Cyrsti's Condo was to give the impression I have forgotten or don't respect the closet. Unlike Connie's comment that it has been years since she has shopped in a thrift store-I still do.

It's become a real need for me because of my budget and then again a sport too. Just a couple Saturday's ago, I found three key wardrobe items from a well known plus size store for under ten dollars.Two with the original store tags still on them and I am proud to say I can wear now because of  my diet results. Unlike Connie though, I can't say every time I go. I see a potential cross dresser. However, over the years I have seen my share and why not? Thrift stores are wonderful places to have dressing room access, great prices and yes-rebuild after a purge.

Finally, lets not forget one of the "funnest" parts of being a girl in a climate with seasons is being able to dress yourself for it!

***FYI all-I an 99% sure he doesn't visit Cyrsti's Condo. On top of being envious, he is paranoid to the point of being afraid of secret "gremlins" infecting him from here. Instead of the stores "pandering" to cross dressers. (Plus-what would his new wife say?)

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