Same Sex Mariage

Recently I published a post here on Cyrsti's Condo from my partner Liz. She wrote a strong case for same sex marriage. Liz identifies as a lesbian and here is part of her post:

Who out there has the RIGHT to say that I am to be denied the same right to marry the love of my life and have it recognized? Whatever happened to the "separation of church and state"? This is an American Civil liberties issue, NOT a religious issue!

I received several comments here and on Google Plus:  In no particular order, Connie wrote:

 "Holy Matrimony, Batman. Liz is right! It is the state that grants license to qualified religious officials to marry two people, but it is not necessary to involve any religion for a marriage to be legal. A judge, certain government officials, and even a ship's captain can preside. Even the Catholic Church does not recognize fully any marriage that takes place outside of the Catholic Church, but it does not close it's doors to anyone who has -nor does it run to the government crying that such a marriage be legally revoked. Marriage is simply a legal contract."

And: Maria HardingApril 29, 2015 at 2:35 PM
God didn't make any mistakes!
And Regina: "Liz is right! Whatever happened to the separation of church and state?"
Thanks to all!