Look Who is NOT Coming to Dinner?

With all respect to the classic movie, my acquaintance over in Columbus (Ohio) did not fall for the invite for him and his new bride to come to dinner with my partner and I.  Not surprisingly he wanted to not expose that part of his life (including me) to her. That's all good, if he was consistent. Don't email me at least 25 times a week with essentially the same ideas. His life is stuck in muck-not a good spring look!

Intended or not, he provides me with a link to that part of my past. The only one. On the other hand, while I have not had to sever as many of my ties with friends and family as others, it is time to cut ties with him. I guarantee he will come slinking back.

Look, I really don't care if he didn't tell his new wife. Just don't be a hypocrite and continue to email me with a femme name. He needs to continue his religious purge.

Liz and I certainly can find any number of places to eat in Columbus. The biggest problem of all could be, his wife could be more diverse in her thinking than he is in his closet.

On the positive side and speaking of Columbus, Ohio-today is the annual The Ohio State University spring football game and as many as 90,000 fanatics could be in "The Shoe" for the game. Now that's religion!