Friday, March 27, 2015

The Trans Girl and The Hair

Here in Cyrst's Condo, I have written a ton about the biggest HRT effects that went the furthest towards passing privilege. Easily hair and skin are my top choices. In my post yesterday I wrote about the learning process of having wearing your own hair. Mandy was nice enough to comment in about her need to go every three weeks or so to the salon for a "color update."

About that time, I began to think of other "hair raising" tales. One of which, I can't exactly remember where it came from but it was a woman explaining how a wedding photographer wouldn't understand stressing over blow drying her hair with a round brush-versus using a flat iron. The reason I know is on my salon visits (before I knew better) my stylist tried to use both to beat my wavy hair into submission. Which I found I didn't like.

So, instead, (and on my current budget), I am learning to wash my hair, use the right color conditioner, figure out how long to leave it on-then- rinse it all off and apply the proper amount of mousse  before my hair dries. Then, don't play with it till it dries. I think I'm to a point that my 'bad hair days' are fewer, plus I am falling in love with wearing soft bangs.

So far it seems the hair is winning over the trans girl. But, she is gainin!

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