Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super Pick

It's true, it seems hell will have to freeze over before another Super Bowl ever comes through Ohio again.  Old time misguided Cleveland Browns fans will feed you some sort of BS about some sort of pre historic championships they won before the first Super Bowl.  On the other hand (and the other end of the state) the Cincinnati Bengals have been twice only to sustain heartbreaking defeats.  Now we are stuck with an "almost" good enough coach and a not good enough "ginger QB".

However, none of my whining stops me from a Super Bowl prediction!

Remember, first of all, I have my biases and emotional attachments to consider.  First of all, forget about Brady playing with his balls or any of the other cheating the Patriots do.  I look at it this way-if Bellicheat was really playing with Tom's balls-of all teams-the Ravens would have screamed like little girls.  (Patriots beat the Ravens before playing the Colts).  Why emotionally I would love to see Seattle dismantle Brady is that he played for Michigan.  I am not alone.  Last season when the Patriots and Bengals played here in Cincinnati, the game was close into the fourth quarter when Brady had the ball and the heavens opened and literally doused him with rain.  What's that tell you?

I'm going to blame my pick on HRT- I think New England will win, although I don't want them to. (Sorry Connie)

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