Saturday, December 13, 2014

It's OK-But Not With My Man!

I received a couple wonderful comments on my previous Cyrsti's Condo  post which mainly revolved around cross dressers or transgender women who are married to generics. One from Paula Goodwin:

There is so much that I could comment on here, but I think maybe that would be better as a post soon on Paula's Place. I just want to say that I am a Christian and it does not preclude my lifestyle, my wife is also a Christian and thinks that it does. Faith can either reinforce or challenge our ideas depending on how we approach it.

Paula, I am a baptized Methodist, and using Christianity to hate on us is one of my height of hypocrisies...but it is too big and too polarizing to discuss here.

There are many of us out there that have spouses that are willing to allow us to be who we are as long as we don't out ourselves. I think that for many of those spouses, it may be a bit of selfishness that they don't want others to see that they have a feminine male living with them. I know that many women want to have men that other women look at and see masculinity dropping from them. They don't want anyone to know that they live with someone that society looks at as some kind of pervert. Maybe one day, people in general will finally accept that everyone must live their lives as they see fit and not by someone else's rules.

Yay Michelle!  What would the family and the girlfriends say if "hubby" showed up in dress, hose and heels to the family holiday?  I think many don't give enough credit to the generic ego.  As much as sitting around about dreaming about weddings, rings, dresses etc.-somewhere there has to be a husband involved. 

It takes "two to tango" of course and how many cross dressers and or transgender women along the way hoped marriage would "cure" them?  On the other side, generics are well known "fixers" and so many times don't ever realize there is no "cure" to what ails us. Dare I say, a spouse can be a huge part of the ail. 

Ironically now, the three closest generics in my life don't understand my wife's feelings about my transgender leanings.  Cross dressing was fine, but as soon as HRT was brought in-we were done.  I have told all three of them she was living up to her part of the marriage deal.  Did not want to live with another woman.  Case closed. I mean, really closed when she passed away.

Finally Michelle, I equate your comment about women wanting men with masculinity dropping off of them to society- and the well known generic attraction to the "bad boy."

We can be "bad" just not in the traditional sense!

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