Thursday, December 25, 2014

And So It Is Christmas!

To all of you of the Christian faith, if you dig deep enough through the commercialization, the beauty of the holiday shines through.

My point with this post is to wish all of you a Merry Christmas! It's a shame all religions can't pause for a second and respect the other's Holy Days.

It's also a shame the number of people who refuse to accept a LGBT person because they are a "Christian."

So, at this time of the year, I pause to thank my central spirituality for my life's blessings and make time to pray for the tons of others are not so blessed. The ones who are on the streets for simply being who they are. And then there are all of you who are stuck in a very dark frustrating closet which in the end can cause the very high number of transgender suicide attempts.

Before you run off and call me the Trans Grinch who stole Christmas, it's the time of year when I lay out any kind of glitzy outfit-I do pause to think how fortunate I am.

Here's hoping you are too!

Merry Christmas!!!!
Cyrsti Hart

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