Tuesday, November 11, 2014

That's NOT My Daughter

Today was my partner Liz's shoulder surgery so we packed up too damn early to spend five fun filled hours in a hospital outpatient surgery center.

Very quickly, she was checked in and I was left to my own devices, which sometimes is not good.  I was on my best behavior though and was concentrating on my breakfast sammi, coffee and magazine.  The place was empty until a 40 something couple came in with a early teen kid with long straight hair who I assumed was their daughter. "She" had her arm wrapped and shortly went back to see the Doc's.  Mom came back out and sat close enough for me to comment on how much I liked her boots and what happened to her daughter? She just smiled and said that's my son.  We get that a lot (gender mistake) of that with him because of his hair.  Of course I said "that's cool!" 

At that point she asked who I was there with and I said my partner and it was their turn to be surprised.

Seems like it was just a week ago when I ran into a similar situation.  (Check back to our Cyrsti's Condo post-Open Mouth-Speak Diversity.)

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