Monday, November 3, 2014

Star Gazing with Cyrsti!

OMG! If there was ever a "Friskyscope" written for me-THIS IS IT!!!:

Libra(September 23-October 22): The best times this week will happen late into the night, as the seediness you crave and the edginess in your style can only shine for those that are hardcore. Live out the life, as your comfort zone turns into a VIP lounge with you sitting court. Let the bottle service flow and dance as late as you want to. As for responsibilities, enjoying yourself will have to come first.

Wait, wasn't that Halloween for me? Took me three or four days to recover! This week I'm not done as my "guest sign feature just has to go to the Gemini's:

(May 21-June 20): Your brain will be buzzing like a jackhammer, breaking you in and out of thoughts. You won’t make sense of anything too easily and will be prone to overthinking the simplest issues. Yes, a naturally dramatic vibe is coming, as you will steep into a psychotic mode, being a victim one minute, the victor a second later. Have your besties and boo pull up a chair to enjoy the show.

If you are a Gemini, call me! I want a front row seat! But if you aren't and your sign's weekly prediction is not here, don't "Boo-Hoo" and get tears all over your keyboard just  follow this link !

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