Thursday, November 13, 2014

Gender Flux

As I was waiting for the surgeon to work his magic on Liz's shoulder, I devoured a couple copies of a magazine called Fast Company. 

In particular, an article about Generation Flux.  It's less a demographic designation than a psychographic one: What defines GenFlux is a mind-set that embraces instability, that tolerates—and even enjoys—recalibrating careers, business models, and assumptions. Not everyone will join Generation Flux, but to be successful, businesses and individuals will have to work at it. This is no simple task. The vast bulk of our institutions—educational, corporate, political—are not built for flux.

I thought quickly-the world is definitely not ready for gender flux - or is it?  I was also impressed with the fact there is a mathematical discipline called "chaos theory" for people like me who unknowingly embraced a form of chaos my entire life.

Taken on a much broader scale, the future is a very scary place for most.  And, as transgender women or men (and cross dressers who take on the appearance of their non birth gender) it's significant we are beginning to take our rightful place in all of these changes.  Plus, as the article said, the successful people and institutions in the future will accept "flux." It's already happening now with our youth and their approach to gender. 

Through chaos comes change and for all of us working at Gender Flux Ground Zero. ( Pat, Mandy, Stana, Janie, Jen and so many others.) We all know it is not for the faint hearted but we have a huge chance to make a positive change.

The world needs to experience gender flux as well as all the changes society is going through.  Welcome to our world!

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