Monday, October 13, 2014

Cyrsti's Condo Monday "Star Gazing"

Already!  Another week has flown by and it's time for another look at our astrological "signage"
First of all, as always,here are my fellow Libra's:

(September 23-October 22): Get to hunting for hearty meat that gives you satisfaction and sustenance. Picking at the bones is no way to live. So, when tables turn this week, exposing someone’s weaknesses, be okay with dropping the ball and letting them roll away into the gutter and out of your way. Not just practical, but sadistically fun to watch happen.

It seems I have a lot of "irony" in my life and my "scope" fits it too as just yesterday I was using the old term from my hippie days - "tasty!" Plus, when I think about it, sadistically fun fits me too!

Well, since I was mentioning my hippie days, it's just fitting we feature the "Age of Aquarius" sign as our guest this week:

(January 20-February 19): Magical mayhem will be in the works, pushing you up the ladder of dreams. While you may have to see the demise of another before getting what you want, know that being witness to this mess is your reminder that you are merely starting another level of challenges. No matter. If this recent win were to make sense easily, you’d find it less intriguing.

There you go for another week kids!  Go here to theFrisky if we missed your sign!  Peace and Love !

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