Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Cyrsti's Condo "Star Gazing!"

The last couple of nights, we have been blessed around here to see an amazing full moon which quite frankly took the luster away from star gazing around the Condo-but we managed to "git er done."

Here's our Libra:  (September 23-October 22): You are going to have to do some fancy talking and hustling. Get everyone on the phone and share your thoughts. This is your time to wow others with your brain, which only adds to your already pretty package. There are obstacles to climb now, but you’ve got the right attitude. Leadership is something you can earn, if you put together a plan of attack now.
Best Lay Day: Tuesday, August 12
I tell you, the stars have been kind to me recently but getting everyone on the phone to share my thoughts is a bit much!  Indeed I do though have the right attitude going on-which is at least half the battle of life!
This week our "guest spot" goes to all you Leo's:  (July 23-August 22): Your eyes are going to burn deep with desire, as your brain opens up to allow pleasure on a higher vibration to hit you in the sweetest spots. Extra delicious sensations are your only responsibility now, as the stars are looking after you so good this week, that to waste it on being a good girl would be a shame without measure.
Best Lay Day: Tuesday, August 12
Of course, if we missed you this week, go here to theFrisky to "star gaze" to your heart's content!

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