Sunday, July 6, 2014

Cyrsti's Condo "Sunday Edition"

"Kerplunk!" It's time again for another Sunday Edition here in the "Condo".

Page 1.- Healthy HRT?  As more and more transgender women and men embark on hormone replacement treatment to feminize or masculinize their bodies, studies are beginning to emerge on the results. What I liked about the news I read was it came from a medical site and had big words I couldn't understand. The title jumped out to me:  "Largest Study to Date: Transgender Hormone Treatment Safe". Even better news to me, since back in the day,  one of my biggest concerns was what would be the deeper effect on my health-at my age. The article came from

Page 2.- Lets Be Careful Out There!  Last week here in the "Condo" I, brought the subject up again of personal security as we begin navigating the world as feminine persons.  I brought it up primarily when a transgender woman was found slain in nearby Cincinnati- and Jen commented:

"My girlfriend is very aware of staying safe at all times in general, more so than I am. I know she pays attention to who may notice me if I were out and I'm in a bra with straps that might be showing under my boy clothes. While she does get a real kick out of people noticing my straps, she doesn't want the 'wrong people' to notice (those that don't accept others freedom to be who they are.)

Her concerns went much higher last month when a local transgender woman was found dead behind a fast food restaurant (cause unknown)."

And, Pat followed with :  "Please be careful when out and about because there are dangers that need to be perceived to be avoided."

Thanks ladies.  Jen,  it's obvious, genetic women from the earliest age are "socialized" to be in tune with a different world than men.  A man's power system is simple and is built on physical prowess, financial prowess etc. Early transitioners such as Elizabeth, can probably attest to the fact that the sooner you are "allowed" to play in the women's sandbox, the easier it is to learn from other women hints on how to co-exist with a man's power system. On the negative side, it's proven time and time again,serious problems can occur-such as violence. I'm sure there is no "fool proof" method of avoiding a bad situation, excepting don't be a fool like I was years ago when I got myself into them.

Page 3.- The Back Page.  The Fourth of July has come and gone, which around here at least, we have a good two more months of summer before Fall gets here.I know it's coming though because I'm hearing the first fall fashion ad's.  Although the "Polar Vortex" almost froze me to death last winter, the changes of the seasons and the resultant "need" to change my wardrobe and fashion has always been a fun feminine time for me!

Well that's it for another "Sunday Edition" as always, thanks for stopping by Cyrsti's Condo and I hope we can meet again next Sunday!

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