Mom's Gram

Well, my first mammogram has come and gone and no it's not the torture my genetic friends were harassing me with. Can you imagine that?  Bitches!!! :)

On the plus side (in this case only)  I'm still relatively smallish in breast the more your add, the more uncomfortable the process can become.  Also, for some reason, I have never lost my problem with taking my shirt or top off. Although today, I was a little reticent in front of the nurse (genetic).

On the spooky side (before Friday the 13th) , the woman who signed my VA approval to pay for all of this, name is spelled exactly the same as my Mom's. (Few are.)

As I have written here in Cyrsti's Condo, although Mom was of the "greatest generation" it's safe to say, her crowd wasn't the most "diverse" in their thinking. On the other hand though she was always paranoiac about developing breast cancer as her Mom (Grandma) did in the 50's.  Perhaps I noticed the name to just feel like she approved of me doing this.