Our Mail Box Runneth Over!

I suppose the title to this Cyrsti's Condo post isn't the most appropriate but if you consider who this first comment is from, it doesn't really matter.  It comes from the "Fabulous Connie Dee" and concerns the Rest Room "Quote of the Day":

I have not had occasion to use the mens room for well over a year. I've always thought that it would be far riskier to do so, and, besides, I don't see myself as belonging in there at all. I've never been yelled at for using the ladies room, however. The mens room, though - well, I JUST WON'T STAND FOR IT!

I hesitate to get into any battle of the "wits" (half, dumb, dim) with Connie because I always lose. But I will say Connie is the one who urged me to start this blog back in the day and you noticed she didn't say she had used a women's room either in the last year.  Such is life in Seattle?

In Connie's next comment about one of my Mom's quotes, you will understand more of why I feel the way I do about her!  My Mom always said "life was like a roll of toilet paper, the closer you got to the end-the faster it goes."  Here is what Connie said:

"Cyrsti, I imagine that you have more paper on that roll, now that you are using much less of it to stuff those c cups. :)"

Thankfully Connie, that is true!!!!

I will have more of your comments tomorrow in our Cyrsti's Condo "Sunday Edition"!  Thanks to all of you-even Connie!


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