Monday, May 26, 2014

Mo Mail!

As we wrap up the Memorial Day weekend, there is one other transgender veteran (I know of) for sure who is a regular visitor to Cyrsti's Condo. Shelle thanks for your service during the Vietnam conflict!!!!

She also sent in a comment on one of my political soap box rants I recently posted about actively supporting politicians who support the TGLBQ community:

"Couldn't agree with you more,same thing going on over here in the Indiana bible belt!!"

The whole "Tri-State" (Ohio/Indiana/Kentucky) as we call it here in Southwestern Ohio has some interesting and important political races coming up. The politics are very similar! 

With the popularity of social media, it's now possible for people such as me who are transgender and out to let these candidates know the "T" is not so silent anymore.  

I realize being out is not an option for many of you now but- by backing candidates who have a social agenda who come closer to supporting our cause, is an easier way for you to pave the way for an easier life when and if you do decide to come out.

Thanks again Shelle!

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