"Rockin" the Red!

My partner Liz and I finished out the weekend with her coloring my hair.  It was time!  My natural grays were starting to catch up with me! OK already, they passed me in the dust!

As far as color choices go, I have willingly given up the total decision process, remembering a few of the completely atrocious wigs choices I made. Truthfully, we both were basically on the same color pages. The only compromise I made was putting the box of a streaked ash blond mix back on the shelf-if  I could use similar highlights later this spring or summer with the red color I picked. Then, I was told to get two boxes to treat all the hair I have. Cool!  The color also words for me because red heads do run in my family as I have written here in Cyrsti's Condo. So,  my idea of going back to a deeper red hair is not completely unfounded unlike many of my other ideas.

If you have been through the process,  I think you would agree a home coloring ranks way below the sadistic rituals of waxing body hair and plucking eyebrows.  The process is just a little uncomfortable, even for a whiner like me, unless you screw up and leave the coloring on too long.  I just have a difficult time of sitting still plus I obsess over the treatment rinse and condition timing directions. I have a paranoia of leaving it on too long and my hair falling out!  Luckily, that didn't happen. The end result was I loved the color and softness of my hair. I'm sure you regulars here remember my earlier posts about visiting a salon for professional coloring.  The reasons I don't  now is money plus Liz does a great job and even wants to do it.

Of course I'm figuring  by now, you all are thinking, where the hell is our  "selfie" so we can see if Cyrsti did do something dumb with her hair! Well,  I'm getting a new phone later this week and assuming I can be smarter than the "smart phone", I promise a "seeing red" pix by next Monday at the latest!


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