In the Company of Women

Sunday afternoon, we had a big, yellow, bright UFO in the sky-the sun and we took advantage of it.

After a short drive along the Ohio River, we stopped at one of the riverside parks near downtown Cincy and then headed for serious business-shopping.  Along the way back there is a shop called Spirit Wind and I understand the best description for it is an eclectic metaphysical shop.  I am aware many of you (like me in Cyrsti's Condo) didn't know what the hell that means.

Here's as close to an explanation that I can pass along.  The shop specializes in earth based spirituality items of which is an interest of mine.  Today, I'm actually brave enough to show you the rings I bought and my crummy looking nails which again were abused this week.

The fun part of shopping there was the acceptance from a group of very organic workers.  I was asked all sorts of questions on what stones I'm attracted to as well as what animals occupy the top of my totem.  The best one of all was when my girlfriend told one of the workers, "she (me) is new to most of this." The worker said "Does she (me) feel the power?"

Well, I do feel the power from very unique ways, particularly gender  and  I am interested in exploring them more.  Of course,  Two-Spirit transgender society members were very special to many of the ancient people.  So perhaps I might feel more power than anyone (including me) knows. But!!  It's important to me to explain my concept of "power" . I do not define it in my old male sense but more from a feminine nurturing "insightful" place.

In the meantime, it's fulfilling to me to express my insights through the different elements into my style , starting with jewelry.The rings above are not expensive in any way but do reflect different expressions of my personality and soul.

In so many ways, all of this feels so right and I'm excited about exploring the facets of a feminine earth based spirituality.  Plus, nearly all the individuals I have met have been women. I'm sure they will wonder as much as I do about how my highly unique dual gender life energy will fit it.