Cyrsti's Condo "Sunday Edition"

Good morning "Condo-ites!"  Lots of content this morning! Let's get moving.

 Page 1.- News.   Recently, this title caught my eye, 6 Ways Trans Women Are Helping to Deliver Gender Equality.  Essentially, for all the movement women have made in the world over the past two decades, this post points out:
From the gender wage gap to increasing incarceration rates — or “Slavery 2.0” — the failure of the ERA in 1982 and the continued lack of a federal equal rights amendment are testaments to the unrelenting, pernicious and unethical treatment of women in America — especially women of color. 

It goes on to say:

The movement for women's equality has occurred primarily within the LGBT community over the past decade, with the discourse of “equality” often framed in terms of marriage. DADT and DOMA were both federally repealed, and the marriage equality movement has a nearly invisible state-organized apparatus, thanks to two Supreme Court's decisions this past summer.

It's a good read from PolicyMic.  Go here to read more.

Page 2.- Opinion.  The preceding story prominently mentioned the growing influence of transgender women of color leading the fight for rights. Not unlike their race went through during the Civil Rights battles of the 60's and beyond. Ironically, the one other transgender woman besides me who showed up for the Trans Ohio meeting was of color and outspoken and not shy.  I'm not making the case for color equaling a significant desire or ability to speak up on our trans issues except to say the highest instances of transphobic violence are directed  towards women of color.

Now, to my point.  I began to wonder if those of us who are transitioning and have the ability or will power to do it - are preconditioned not to stand up for our rights?  Do we spend too much time in the stereotypical feminine mind state?  I don't know but it is a thought.  The irony is not lost on me though that a few of the genetic women groups are grudgingly beginning to recognize the appeal of a group of new transplanted citizens on their soil.  After all, immigration is good in so many ways. New ideas, culture and energy are always beneficial if accepted for what they are.

Page 3.- Comments.  This week I was greedy and put off answering a couple excellent responses I received here in the Condo until now.  From week to week, I never know what content I will have for our Sunday Edition.  The first came in response to my post Having Coffee with the Peeps and comes from writer Bobbie Thompson:

"... made the mistake of assuming ... " Been there done that. Of course, my ONLY experience with anyone trans is via Alana. I 'assumed' ALL trans experiences were the same as hers. While attending the 2012 Southern Comfort Conference with Alana, I quickly learned that EVERY EXPERIENCE is different and not one person's experience can be 'representative' of all. I learn something new every day ... mainly that there are no 'right' or 'wrong' ways to 'be.' I think the important part is to simply be yourself ... and allow others to be who they are.

Indeed Bobbie, you are right and thanks for the comment!  Perhaps the isolation the transgender community subjected itself to helped to further the notion that somehow we are all alike or know plenty of other trans friends. None of that is true for most of us of course and once again it proves we are just "regular" folk with just a little more insight into how both of the other gender binaries live.

The other comment came from Sally Bend in response to our Oldie but Goodie Post:

Back in high school I used to wash dishes and bus tables in a greasy little cafe that had a old bookstore attached. The bookstore was only open by appointment (it was a cluttered fire hazard), and I usually got the job of cleaning it up for customers. I found so many old trans magazines and paperbacks in there, it was like my own personal treasure trove. I never got to take many home (like you, I didn't have the courage to buy them), but I read most of them.

A great memory Sally and I'm sure many of us wish we had the same access to a "treasure trove" like that too!  It's amazing you got any work done. Thanks for sharing!

And thanks to all of you for spending part of your precious time here in Cyrsti's Condo.  Can't thank you enough and hope to see you again next week!