Is There Something in your Pocket...Or...

Mae West
I had a Mae West moment this morning.  If you don't know anything about Mae, she was one of the original "bad girl" blond movie stars who passed away in 1980.  In a 1930 classic she uttered in her sexy voice to an admiring man, "Is that a pistol in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

In our continuing polar climate, I have pulled out a decidedly unfeminine (but decidedly warm and snugly) over-sized mens flannel shirt.  It has pockets over both of my breasts, one of which I have a habit of using for a tissue or two.  This morning as I reached for one, I was pleasantly surprised by the swell of my breast under the pocket.  During weather such as we have been experiencing, quick checks of HRT progress are rare under layers of clothes.

Of course the first thought I had was, how much of my increase in size was due to the flannel shirt or HRT.  Since I'm not quite curious or vain enough to pull out a tape measure and find out for sure, I seized the moment as just another pleasant example of how far I've come, and who do I thank for the privilege of being here?


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