Don't Call me Transgender

Recently, with all the extremely popular, literate and gorgeous transgender women role models who have made their way to popular media platforms, some are saying "they are not trans women, just women."

In some sort of perfect world that is true but until we can all navigate society freely as transgender women and men, thank goodness, the recent women have been "out and proud"- finally adding a capital "T" to the LGBT group.

How wonderful is it "S" has not been added again to our little letter of the alphabet.  The "S" which stands for "Stealth".

Look, I'm selfish and any help I can obtain from positive transgender public relations, I will take. Plus, I'm sure there are many who deal in semantics who would say no matter how accomplished a Janet Mock is or how beautiful Jenna Talackova (below) is- they will always be labeled as trans by birth.

The good thing is though, none of that matters.  As each one of us who navigate the world knows, every person we interact with has a chance to finally see us as humans.  Surely we aren't as flashy as our transgender "stars" but each and everyone is helping to show all of us the way.

I have to say it again, "Thank goodness they are still transgender, women and willing to step forward!"


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