Are You "Fracking" Kidding Me?

For a change, one of Paula's fave "news rags" from the UK (just kidding) has come up with an article which hits close to home. "The Telegraph" announced U.S. scientists have found "gender bending" chemicals at fracking sites.

"Frack!!!"  Fracking is becoming a big business here in Ohio, just not close to where I live. So, I guess right now I don't have to worry about going off my HRT meds and just drink more water. Seriously, I'm not making fun of any more chemicals in our water and I have had my own conspiracy theory about those extra chemicals in our food and water.  Not only have they made cancer a huge growth industry, I think there is a distinct possibility chemicals have also expedited the merging of the genders.

I did get a kick out of  the Telegraph telling me  "fracking" wasn't the environmentally friendly process big oil has claimed it would be. Turns out it was my second big epiphany of the week. The first was when I learned "duck call boy" came out as anti-gay. Really?  A ZZ Top lookin bearded redneck from the Louisiana swamp not liking gay folk? What's this world coming to? Then again, I haven't seen many gay or transgender peeps on "Swamp People". Frack! Would an alligator say we tasted like chicken?

I was surprised though that it took the Telegraph to fill me in on the problems.  Must have been a "fracking" slow news day in the UK!


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