Chat Away Girls!

You all know I'm not the most technologically advanced transgender woman on the planet but I think I have found a way for all of you to jump in and discuss a subject here in the "Condo" between yourselves.  If you check the "comment" section, you will see that actually happened between Pat and Linda Marie.  

What I attempted to do was start my own "Google+" community under the "Cyrsti's Transgender Condo" name. If you aren't familiar, people have to apply for membership so I can keep the perves, trolls and crazies out.

I'm trying to remember to automatically add any post from here into our community room so any or all of you can comment there to me or each other. It's as close as I can come to any sort of a "comment room". At least I think the concept can work that way, if indeed the need is there.

My disclaimer is how flattered I am that some of you think I have all this knowledge of on line blogging etc. The fact I can do this at all is a tribute to how easy it is to produce a blog here in the "Blogger" format. To quote a term "So easy a cave woman can do it?"  A more important consideration is the amount of time you want and can put into a blog.  I'm a good example as well as Stana at Femulate two people I know for sure became attached at the hip to our blogs.

But I'm off topic. If any of you feel the need to check out the Google+ community, do it. To find the Cyrsti's Condo group search "transgender".  Let me know if this works or shows any promise at all! If not, that's OK too!



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