Cyrsti's Condo "Horror Scope"!

Or should I say The Crysti's Condo Horror Scope since I am one those insufferable, overbearing fans of THE Ohio State Buckeyes and college football starts this week. Another huge fan of the Buckeyes, Bobbie, has been pushing me to mention them! She lives somewhere in the hitherlands of upstate New England and also is a groupie of one of the Mountain Men guys from Maine!

Before this whole post goes down in a ball of flame, here's the "scope" from theFrisky:

Libra (September 23-October 22): Be too busy with your friends to worry about where and what your relationship is doing. Not that it’s going to be so bad, but you will be best in group settings and it’ll make that special someone realize how vital you are. Avoid thinking of anything too personally, as intimate environments can get a bit smothering and could cause you to act up. Spread your love.

Ironically, this is about the third "scope" in a row that I'm "taking the fifth" and not commenting or telling you all what kind of "fifth"it is!

The next knock on the Condo door would be Bobbie with her shot glass wanting to share!