Camping in the Girls Room

Last night a female friend of mine and I got together for a couple adult beverages and eats in a place we go to quite a bit.  We were enjoying our conversation until about an hour into it comes a group of at least 25.  Mixed in the group were five or six of the worst kind of adults-the ones who didn't seem to care about the kids who were basically 10-12 and probably 90% girls.

Well of course they abused the place and were extraordinarily loud which was bad enough until the girls commandeered the bathroom too. I tried to go potty and let a very unhappy woman go through the door ahead of me.  Of course all three stalls were full, plus another two girls sitting on the floor by the sink on their cell phones.  The woman ahead of me didn't hesitate and growled something to the effect of get the hell up off the floor. (I know for a fact she wasn't with the group.) Well, there was some scattering in the room, but no one left-except for me. I decided to hold it for awhile.

My friend and I sat and watched the comings and goings in and out of the restroom and never did see the girls leave.

Finally we paid and left and I found another place to stop and pee before a rather lengthy trip home.

Look, I know of the magical feminine bathroom mystique but bottom line is the older women in the group should have quit stuffing their faces with food and beer and taken care of the situation.

It's no wonder many of these people don't want a young transgender girl to use a girls bathroom. Maybe she would blow the whistle on the whole foolish mess.

I have said any number of times how surprised I am at how fast the majority of women use the bathroom and get out.

OK, I feel better now. Yes I did find another bathroom in time plus I was allowed to rant with all of you for a bit...thanks!!!