Military Support

Well not so much in this country.

Maybe a little more so in the UK? I'm sure my friend Paula from "across the pond" can shed quite a more light on the subject. I suspect as in this country, acceptance is mixed...not specifically in the military.

 In the meantime The Guardian recently ran this piece from Ayla Holdom. (right)  Ayla is a transsexual  search and rescue pilot in the Royal Air Force.  But when she began her gender transition, she was supported by friends and family and by her employer. Yet again she, like teacher Lucy Meadows, who killed herself in March, has had to endure articles full of hurt and spite. She argues for all transgender people to be treated with the dignity they deserve

 There is quite a bit of depth to this article which you can read here.

By the way, you may remember Ayla when she flew with Prince William's Crew in the RAF and made news when she was invited to the royal wedding! On the left, I'm sure you will agree is a very dramatic "before and after"!