Trans Word in the News

No secret if you want to make news be transgender and do anything!

First, this week there was the story of Jenna Talackova and her upcoming reality show in Canada.

Then we had the story from Columbia (below) about the crime person who went through several feminizing operations to hide from the authorities.

Surely now we will have a flood of criminals following his action?

Then tonight I ran across the story of Victoria Beltran a transsexual actress who starred in Sacha Baron Cohen’s film The Dictator.
The vindictive vixon Victoria Beltran (below) phoned her husband's colleague Katarzyna Sakowicz  making death threats after deciding the pair were having an affair. She allegedly threatened Ms Sakowicz saying 'I will kill you and get you fired,' according to court papers. So much for Victoria acquiring any of the "passive aggressive" feminine spirit.

None of all this transgender news action is no real surprise of course. Even I in my own small way make news.
Today was a good example and I will pass it along in the next Cyrsti's Condo post.