No Pain-No Gain

Going back to the previous post, gf and I headed back towards my house on the way to Columbus from the hair salon and stopped to get my ears pierced.

Once again here I was putting myself at the mercy of a person who was going to hurt me! I hitched up my big girl panties, went into the lion's den and got two extra holes in my body. OK, I am a huge sissy and was trying my best to play any sympathy cards I could. But in the end I just had to be a big girl and withstand a little pain I equated with just getting a shot.

Of course I got no sympathy and my whimpering did no good but it turned out the ear piercing details in the fine print were the real surprise.  As I went blissfully on with my piercing less life, I just figured after the pain and suffering I could go out and buy some gypsy style big hoop earrings and get rolling! Well, not so fast girl. I found I can't do anything about having fun with different styles for at least four to six weeks. Plus I have to be very diligent about cleaning the piercings day and night and rotating the earrings to make sure the holes stay open. The only problems for me?  Waiting four to six weeks for anything and remembering to be gentle when I brush my hair off my face. Of course I found out the hard way when the next morning the first thing I did was knock the back piece off of one of the new earrings-never to be seen again. SO off we went back to the torture chamber to get the ear re pierced and a new earring put in.

Let it never be said the most effective learning process for me is getting knocked up the side of the noggin. Just as effective though is getting a hole drilled in your ear lobe!

Before I knew it, the time had come to wipe the tears from my eyes and head to Columbus for some pre Trans Ohio Symposium fun!