Singing in the Shower

Well, I'm not really singing here or in the shower and yes you are lucky!
Tonight I had a chance to consider the difference between the basic shower process in my transition.
Of course the male shower process is akin to a dog. In- out some soap and shampoo- shake dry and get moving. Obviously I'm way past that.
I had a busy day today so I decided I would jump in the shower before I cooked dinner. "Jumping" now "ain't what it used to be." To start with, I'm fortunate to not really worry much about my declining body hair. Tonight I wasn't going out anyway, so no worry about shaving at all. On the other hand, I needed to shampoo my hair.
The moment I got it colored, a whole new world of shampoos became a reality. I began with a conditioner and a shampoo before the saloon appointment and walked out with instructions to buy a special shampoo for treated hair as well as a conditioner. Fortunately, my stylist realized I was a beginner in the process.
I also had to learn how to wash my longer fuller hair. It's naturally a longer process and a pleasant one I was to discover.
Finally, once you wash your hair, you have to figure out what to do with it. I have to tell you I'm still very clueless about the bewildering array of different brushes and their uses. But I'm told my hair is relatively thick and wavy so I can get by until I learn more "girl stuff".
Again I had an easy night and wasn't going anywhere so I simply brushed my hair out thoroughly.
Finally,  colder dryer weather is setting in and my hormone levels are on the rise again.  Again, a  good coating of cocoa butter body oil is more than fun-it's necessary.
So by the time tonight's showering was complete, I was so hungry and thin I had to run around in the shower to get wet.
I know this is just another part of the reality process of crossing gender lines.  There was a time I thought this process would be flat out wonderful. At this point , "wonder" has left the building and has been replaced as a very satisfying part of my transgender transition process.
Time to eat!