Merry Vet's Day

I have beat you all over the head with the fact that I'm a transgender veteran.
I totally believe the military is still a vast wasteland of transgender rights but at least now groups are forming to fight it.
My veteran service (like most everything else in my life) has turned out to be quite different from the norm.
I didn't join the military to reinforce my struggling masculinity- I was drafted into the second of two non-wars  Korea and Vietnam.
I'm not sure about Korea but there was no hero's welcome in my non war.  I wasn't one-but there were those that were.
But you know, I'm glad things have changed. War is war and serving is serving and it's great returning vets are getting some of their due.
I know there are many other trans-vets who stop by here in Cyrsti's Condo.  I just want to thank all of you!