Thanks Michelle-Halloween II-not the Movie

Michelle commented on my "Halloween Post"

" Sorry to disagree, but I have NEVER tried any sort of "drag" halloween costume. It has ALWAYS been a big joke for halloween when any male dresses as ANY form of female. Halloween is my favorite holiday because I put on a huge display in my yard for the neighborhood. Except that hurricane Sandy killed that this year. I have had very sincere friends ask if I had ever done "drag" before and I NEVER have. I NEVER want my female presentation to be even the slightest fodder for humor. This is my life and it is not funny in any way."

 Number one...I agree with you too. I guess I should have offered a little more information.

 My costumes were never designed as being "drag".  Looking back on all the experiences, most were an attempt at presenting myself as a convincing women to the public for the first times in my life.
Ironically, I met my first wife at a Halloween party and ended up coming out to her a couple weeks later and she is the mother of my daughter who so accepts me today. My second wife and I's first big date or so was a Halloween block party. At yet another party, I was approached by a fledgling politician and wife to "go partying with them" at a few other places. That was after they found out I was a guy. They didn't know. Of course he went on to a long and successful political career. They went to Washington and no I didn't go with them.
Another time Halloween happened to fall during a week I was out of town training for a new job and I went to a big straight club's party to see how well it would go and I seemed to fit in quite well. After all, if I was spotted as a guy in heels and mini- it was my costume! Outside of hands straying places on my rear as I walked through the crowded room- the only major reaction was from the girl at the door who carded me.

Halloween just offered me a door to get out and see what I was about...I went to the parties to see how well I could do as a girl and found there was a chance...

Back to you Michelle, I have often wished I too could enjoy Halloween more for the fun although I did used to do some real scary haunted houses as a Santa with a chain saw character.
By the way, your "two cents" is worth quite a bit more!

It's just that I never wanted my presentation to be one of humor either...and it turned out it wasn't!


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