Mentally Ill

Until very recently, I wasn't totally aware I was automatically labeled as mentally ill by the psychiatric community.
I knew that sometimes I viewed myself as slightly off kilter when compared to most of societies "norms".The deal was for the longest time, I did attach quite a bit of it to my gender dysphoria.
Much later in life, I finally figured out all my mental restlessness and my basic disregard for authority had absolutely nothing to do with what side of the gender fence I was on.
If there is a gene which triggered my "jender-jump" then is there another which triggered a "who the hell are you to tell me what to do?" gene?
When I can't sit through a conversation without thinking of two or three alternatives-does that make me nuts?
Certainly both of those traits carried through to my feminine life.
If you want to use the "N" words (normal or nuts) to describe an overall mental state, then go for it.
I truthfully found both be rather impossible.
Anyone who I tried to slap the normal word on proved to be a huge mistake. They weren't but what the hell is normal anyhow?
Now I have known a few folks over the years who were clinically unstable but nuts?
No, I find I migrate towards nuts as a positive.
What's better than a person who views society as a platform to live their life on as they desire?
Now I'm sure there are more than a few societal peeps who toss me in that nuts category because I'm living my life in the gender I chose.
So, since the mentally ill label for me has now been shifted to a kinder and gentler gender dysphoria, I feel better.
Now I can go on with my life with a quiet pride of being if I can keep that damn squirrel out of the Condo....


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