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This is the latest episode of my life with the Veteran's Administration.
Keep in mind I have found out that even though the VA has a overall policy, that does not mean it applies to where you may live. For those of you who follow Cyrsti's Condo on a semi regular basis, you know basically where I live which doesn't mean much except for this post.
If you need geographical info about Ohio just email me and I will help as much as I can.
Today was very successful for me. You other transgender vets may have other stories which vary but this is what I learned the hard way.
1.- It was easy for me to get the approval for HRT from my VA center BUT:
2.- My center had no one who was qualified to prescribe. Important: Your primary VA Doc may approve the outside scripts to be filled by the VA pharmacy but chances are he is not really qualified to prescribe (Endocrinologist). The drugs themselves are not the potential major cost to you. The outside Doc is.
3.- Following advice from the center I went to an outside qualified doc thinking the VA would pick up the tab.
4.-The VA didn't and I took my case to a person called a "Patient Advocate".
5.-Here's what she told me today. According to the VA Transgender Directive my center has to provide me HRT or foot the bill for an outside provider. BEFORE you go.
6.-Here's a fun fact. Since my center does not have a qualified provider, the bigger center about 75 miles away does. Last year it accepted four local transgender vets into it's program and then stopped and said no more. Even if it went against the National Directive.
7.-According the "Advocate" my center has to pay for my outside doc and will if it's pre-approved.
8.-I found that person today and made sure he accepts VA compensation. (Important).
9.-It's in the Advocate's hands. She sets up the pre approval and then I set the appointment.
10.-All sounds good doesn't it but I know "it ain't over till it's over"!

As I said, if you are a transgender veteran, your experiences with the VA could be as different as night and day to mine.
As I also said if you are thinking about embarking down this path, feel free to email me for ideas!


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